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Friday 14th August, 2020 #

  • Epic Goes to War With Apple Over the App Store - Something that occurred to me while reading this piece is that In days gone by it was royal families that had to deal with such dilemmas, I have no idea whether the current situation is better or worse, but it’s interesting nonetheless
  • Typing is coming to Ruby - You can define your types in separate files so the typing doesn’t clutter up the Ruby code, which is nice
  • Amazon launches Braket quantum computing service in general availability
  • Shifting from Express.js to Azure Functions - I quite like the Azure functions implementation, at least for relatively simple endpoints, it looks very straight forward to setup
  • The NodeJS core team are redesigning the main website to Gatsby/React/Typescript
  • Interesting writeup of the push to move Node.js EventTarget to a browser standards compliant implementation