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Sunday 26th July, 2020 #

  • Introducing Domain-Oriented Microservice Architecture - I found this writeup by the Uber engineering team to be a very good read, it describes their microservices architecture and covers their experiences developing it, also includes a suggested roadmap for teams looking to transition to microservices
  • There is a bug in the most recent VSCode (1.47.2) that breaks the debugger - Workaround by unsetting debug.javascript.usePreview
  • Serverless Rendering with Cloudflare Workers
  • 15 years of MDN Web Docs - Such a phenomenal web development resource, it’s great to read about their recent successes, very impressed that they have open sourced their entire infrastructure configuration in a github repo
  • V8 release v8.5
  • Latest Javascript features to reach Stage 4 - Logical Assignment and Promise.any look interesting